Have you had your HVAC controls stop working except for the defrost regardless of where the mixer dial was positioned?  I did recently.

The fix is simple - you just need to know where to look.

Pop the hood and look at the intake manifold (on the driver side).  You will soon discover that a hose has fallen off the intake manifold.  I've circled where the problem is - the hose is hanging to the right of the nipple.

Slide the hose back on - you'll see how easy it slides on and will now know why it came off (too loose...).  I plan to add a zip tie to mine shortly:

All done - took longer to read this than it will to fix it.

EDIT:  If this doesn't fix your problem, then there are other issues at work.  You might have something related to TSB # 242499 (HVAC changes to defrost under acceleration) or something else.

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