I know, I know... Everybody knows how to change their oil, right?

Well, we all start somewhere. For me, it has been a long time - I had to review the instructions in my Service Manual when I did it recently. Other folks changing it for me too often. Well, if you plan to keep your rig for a long time, do maintenance yourself, or make modifications, it is a good idea to get at least the standard Service Manual. The part number for the 2000 model year Grand Cherokee is 81-370-0047. You can order your service manual from MasterTech at (800) 890-4038. The following instructions came from the service manual.

Change engine oil at mileage and time intervals described in the Maintenance Schedules (Schedule A = Normal Use = every 7500 miles or 6 months or Schedule B = Severe Use = every 3000 miles. Severe use includes frequent short trips <5 miles, use in dusty conditions, extensive idling, trailer towingsustained high speeds, off road driving, desert operation, frequent starting/stopping, and cold climate operation.
  1. Run engine until achieving normal operating tempurature.
  2. Position the vehicle on a level surface and turn the engine off.
  3. Hoist and Support vehicle on safety (jack) stands. (My GC is llifted 2", so this is unnecessary for me.
  4. Remove oil fill cap.
  5. Place a suitable drain pan under engine oilpan drain.
  6. Remove drain plug from engine oil pan and allow oil to drain into drain pan. Inspect drain plug threads for stretching or other damage. Replace drain plug if damaged.
  7. Reinstall the oilpan drain plug. Tighten to 25 ft. lbs.
  8. Lower the vehicle if it was raised up previously.
  9. Position a drain pan under oil filter.
  10. Using a suitable oil filter wrench (if needed) and loosen filter.
  11. Rotate the oil filter counterclockwise to remove it from the cylinder block oil filter boss.
  12. When the filter separates from the cylinder block oil filter boss, tip the gasket (open) end of the filter up to minimize oil spill. Remove filter from the vehicle.
  13. With a wiping cloth, clean the gasket sealing surface of oil and grime.
  14. Lightly lubricate oil filter gasket with engine oil (I use axle grease)
  15. Pour a small amount of oil into the filter (not called for in service manual, but I do it)
  16. Thread filter on to adapter nipple. When the gasket imakes contact with the sealing surface, hand tighten the filter one full turn, do not overtighten.
  17. Refill engine with specified oil (10w30 preferred with temp at 0°F and up primarily or 5w30 with temp at 32°F and below primarily). Oil capacity is 6 quarts.
  18. Install oil fill cap.
  19. Start engine and inspect for leaks.
  20. Stop engine and inspect oil level.

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