A big thanks to Jim D. for donating a WK2 Grand Cherokee FSM.  This FSM covers 2014-16 Grand Cherokees (WK2) and is over 9000 pages!  We all appreciate the contribution Jim D!!

For those who visit regularly, don't be alarmed.  We had to redo the site styling due to software upgrades that broke the last template.  The How-To's got messed up also so they will have to be reformatted too.  This is a work in process and will be done...eventually. 

A big thanks to Rickey S. for donating a Commander FSM.  This FSM covers 2006-2010 Commanders (XK) and is nearly 8000 pages!  The Jeep community is strong with members like Rickey S.!!

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ImageWondering what all your Jeep came equipped with from the factory?  It's easy and free to get your very own "build sheet". 

Follow this link and fill out the form with all of your pertinent information and ask for a build sheet in the comments section.  You will need your VIN and mileage handy.

Curious what your build sheet will look like?   pdf Click here (210 KB) to download a sample build sheet so you know what to expect.

UPDATE:  As of Friday November 20, 2015 , this works again (new link).  Thanks to Drew P. for reporting back and providing the link!

There are many discussion forums available for gathering info on your favorite Jeep.  We've all participated in quite a few of them over the years - the latest level of sophistication is a quantum step forward from where we were only a few short years ago. With this proliferation of forums, getting the appropriate information is generally a quick search away.  There are some caveats to this however. 

Due to the size of many of the best forums available, you may find yourself sifting through many long threads riddled with off-topic comments before finding the most suitable answer to your inquiry.  Then there's the newbies - with the popularity of Jeeps, there are more and more younger drivers hitting the forums.  They've grown up on the web and aren't afraid to ask questions...a lot of questions...over and over again.  We've opted for a different approach. 

  • ImageThere will be no general discussion forum on this site.  Seriously, do we honestly need ANOTHER Jeep forum? The model of this site is to provide information that is easily searchable. 

    We are publishing writeups submitted by our members as well as soliciting authors of good writeups we come across.  We were considering adding a commenting system, but quite frankly that's just another headache to admin.  We will take corrections and additions to articles via email.

    If you have an article to contribute, contact us.  Any contributing author will certainly get full credit for their article!  We've begun to publish the writeups - have a look at the menu bar for more info.
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Gallery: Deamber Tails (WJ)

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