As an improvement to the discussion forum model, we have developed and/or are re-posting step by step write ups for your use. 

We are always looking to add topics to our writeup section.  There are two ways to submit write ups to us.

Unpublished Write Ups

We are always actively looking for additional write ups.  Please use the contact us page to let us know what you have to offer.  The format for these write ups is simple:  a text file and photos.  The photos need to be renamed to "01", "02", "03", etc.  Then in your text, you set where you want the photos.  For example:  "Remove the collar from the axle shaft (05)..."  A short comment for each image should also be included.  The author's name will be displayed in conjunction with the article.

Published Write Ups

These write ups are usually found posted on discussion forums.  Please supply URL's to the writeups and we'll handle the rest (we will contact the author and ask their permission to use their writeup and download their picture)

Ideas for Write Ups Needed

  • 4.0L Waterpump Remove/Replace
  • 4.0L Thermostat Remove/Replace
  • WJ Radiator Remove/Replace
  • Steering Box Remove/Replace
  • Dash Remove/Replace
  • Blend Door (Manual) Replacement Procedure
  • Recirulation Door Remove/Replace
  • Evaporator Core Remove/Replace
  • Heater Core Remove/Replace

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